How do I advertise?
3 steps! Create an Advertiser account on the Controlcast app, select where you want to advertise, choose your media and set your budget, and submit!
Watch our Advertiser Quick Start Guide.

How do I know my ad is running?
You will receive a notification once your ad is approved, and once it starts playing.

How do I pay for my ad?
You can use a credit card to top up your balance from the Wallet section. You will be charged for actual plays received at the end of each day your ads are running.

Where can I advertise?
You can send an ad request to any of our active screens from the Select Screens list while creating your campaign.

What are the dimensions of the ad?
All of our screens are either landscape or portrait with 16:9 or 9:16 proportions. We recommend using 1920:1080 or 1080:1920 depending on the orientation.

How much does it cost to advertise?
Each screen has a daily minimum rate depending on the size of its audience, starting from few dollars per day. You can increase your budget to increase the number of targeted daily replays.


How do I get set up?
3 steps! Create a Partner account on the Controlcast app, register your screen in My Screens from the Menu, and finally login to the Controlcast Player on your screen device.
Watch our Partner Quick Start Guide

What kind of devices can I use for my Display?
We recommend using an Android box or TV. You can access the Player from the Google Play Store or by contacting us to send you the latest APK. You can also use our Web Player in full screen on Chrome browser.

How do I upload my media?
Tap on your Screen in the Controlcast app, and tap (Manage My Casts).

How do I review ad requests?
From the Dashboard, tap on pending requests, then preview the content before tapping approve or reject at the bottom. Active ads will remain in your dashboard.

How do I earn ad income?
Approved ads will run in their specified times and automatically be credited to your Wallet balance after every day.

What will run on my Screen?
Accepted ads, your content, and a short Controlcast promo.

Can I run more than one screen display on the same Screen account?
If your setup requires multiple screen IDs for multiple devices (such as a fleet), contact us to help you get it set up.